Abdal Hakim Murad Quotes: Those Who Come To Islam Because They

Those Who Come To Islam Because They Wish To Draw Closer To God Have No Problem With A Multiform Islam Radiating From A Single Revealed Paradigmatic Core. But Those Who Come To Islam Seeking An Identity Will Find The Multiplicity Of Traditional Muslim Cultures Intolerable. People With Confused Identities Are Attracted To Totalitarian Solutions. And Today, Many Young Muslims Feel So Threatened By The Diversity Of Calls On Their Allegiance, And By The Sheer Complexity Of Modernity, That The Only Form Of Islam They Can Regard As Legitimate Is A Totalitarian, Monolithic One. That There Should Be Four Schools Of Islamic Law Is To Them Unbearable. That Muslim Cultures Should Legitimately Differ Is A Species Of Blasphemy.
— Abdal Hakim Murad —

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