Paul Mason Quotes: Loss Of Self Esteem Beverly Engel In The

Loss Of Self-esteem Beverly Engel, In The Emotionally Abused Woman (1990), Describes The Effect Of Emotional Abuse On Self-esteem: Emotional Abuse Cuts To The Very Core Of A Person, Creating Scars That May Be Longer-lasting Than Physical Ones. With Emotional Abuse, The Insults, Insinuations, Criticism, And Accusations Slowly Eat Away At The Victim's Self-esteem Until She Is Incapable Of Judging The Situation Realistically. She Has Become So Beaten Down Emotionally That She Blames Herself For The Abuse. Emotional Abuse Victims Can Become So Convinced That They Are Worthless That They Believe That No One Else Could Want Them. They Stay In Abusive Situations Because They Believe They Have Nowhere Else To Go. Their Ultimate Fear Is Being All Alone.
— Paul Mason —

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