Alexei Panshin Quotes: A Book Isnt A Single Static Thing With

A Book Isn't A Single, Static Thing With One Unarguable Meaning. Each Reader Who Comes To It Brings His Own Special Knowledge, Habits And Attitudes. Each Reader Reads A Different Book. Each Reader Imagines A Different Story.
A Few Years Ago, For Instance, A Friend Of My Mother's Sent Me A Copy Of A Test On Rite Of Passage That She Had Given Her Students. The First Question Read: "True Or False? The Theme Of Rite Of Passage Is ... " I Can't Tell You What The Presumed Themed Was, But I Can Tell You That I Didn't Recognize It. Beads Of Sweat Leaped Out Of My Forehead. After Two More Questions, I Had To Put The Test Aside. I Didn't Know The "right" Answers.
— Alexei Panshin —

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