Robert J. Sawyer Quotes: All Right He Said Since You Asked

All Right," He Said. "Since You Asked, Webmind Is An Emergent Quantum-computational System Based On A Stable Null-sigma Condensate That Resists Decoherence Thanks To Constructive Feedback Loops." He Turned To The Blackboard, Scooped Up A Piece Of Chalk, And Began Writing Rapidly. "See," He Said, "using Dirac Notation, If We Let Webmind's Default Conscious State Be Represented By A Bra Of Phi And A Ket Of Psi, Then This Would Be The Einselected Basis." His Chalk Flew Across The Board Again. "Now, We Can Get The Vector Basis Of The Total Combined Webmind Alpha-state Consciousness ...
— Robert J. Sawyer —

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