Ikechukwu Joseph Quotes: With God You Can Turn Your Impeaching

WITH GOD YOU CAN TURN YOUR Impeaching Importunities Into Optimal Opportunities. Frightful Frustration Into Fortifying Fortunes. Humble Attitudes Into Higher Altitudes .Distress Disabilities Into Affluent Abilities. Incalculable Incapacity Into Calibrated Capabilities. Protracted Poverty Into Pronounced Prosperity. Subtracting Adversity Into Multiplying Advantage. Intimidating Invalidities Into Valuable Validities. Weeping Profession Into A Winning Prowess .worrisome Weariness Into Wholesome Health. Multiple Miseries Into A Myriad Of Treasures. Possessive Problems Into Progressive Productivity. Earthly Human Co-incidence Into Heavenly Divine "God-incidence".
— Ikechukwu Joseph —

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