Molly Harper Quotes: I Havent Had A Lot Of Good Soft Things

I Haven't Had A Lot Of Good, Soft Things In My Life," He Said Against My Forehead. "Not Since My Family Sent Me Away. Apart From Being Your Sire And Feeling That Pull To You, It's That Goodness, That Softness And Warmth, Along With The Resolve And Strength In You, That I Love. Being Turned Hasn't Taken That From You. If Someone Were Going To Design The Perfect Mate For Me, It Would Be You. Even When You Infuriate Me With Your Pigheaded Stubbornness And Your Temper And Incredible Lack Of Anything Resembling Self-preservation-"
"Stop Describing Me Please."
"You're The Most Fascinating, Maddening, Adorable Creature I've Ever Met," He Said, Sighing And Pushing My Hair Out Of My Eyes. "So, When I Seem Possessive Or I'm Raving Like A Lunatic, It's Just That Part Of Me Is Still Very Afraid That I'll Lose That-that I'll Lose You. I Love You.
— Molly Harper —

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