J. Oswald Sanders Quotes: David Made No Attempt To Clothe His

David Made No Attempt To Clothe His Prayer (Psalm 51) With Flowing Rhetoric, For It Is Simply A Series Of Brokenhearted Sobs. He Pleaded No Extenuating Circumstances And Attempted No Self-vindication. The Magnitude Of His Sin Is Not Toned Down, But Is Freely Acknowledged. Hear The Broken Sobs, Expressed In Vivid Verbs: Have Mercy! Cleanse! Blot Out! Wash! Purge! Hide Your Face From My Sins! Create! Do Not Cast! Renew! Restore! Save! Open My Lips!
Here Is True Confession, Free From All Sham And Insincerity. Examine It In Detail.
— J. Oswald Sanders —

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