Mark Buchanan Quotes: Forgiven People Prove Theyre Forgiven By

Forgiven People "prove" They're Forgiven By Walking In Newness Of Life. They Walk In The Light, Walk By Faith, Walk By The Spirit. Forgiveness Sets Us In Motion. It Acts Upon Us To Make Us Act. It Gets Us Up And Gets Us Going. It Does Not Indulge One More Minute Of Lying Around Waiting For Things To Happen, Waiting For Others To Do Something, Blaming Others For The Way I Am. "Get Up, Take Your Mat, And Go Home." This Getting Up, Taking Our Mat - Once The Symbol Of Our Inability To Move At All - And Going Home In Full View Of Everyone Is What Every Forgiven Man And Woman Is Supposed To Do Every Day. When We're New Creations, We Act Like It.
— Mark Buchanan —

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