Richard Russo Quotes: It Pleased Him To Imagine God As Someone

It Pleased Him To Imagine God As Someone Like His Mother, Someone Beleagured By Too Many Responsibilities, Too Dog-tired To Monitor An Energetic Boy Every Minute Of The Day, But Who, Out Of Love And Fear For His Safety, Checked In On Him Whenever She Could. Was This So Crazy? ... Miles Liked The Idea Of A God Who, When He At Last Had The Oppotunity To Return His Attention To His Children, Might Shake His Head With Wonder And Mutter, "Jesus. Look What They're Up To Now." A Distractible God, Perhaps, One Who'd Be Startled To Discover So Many Of His Children Way Up In Trees Since The Last Time He Looked. A God Whose Hand Would Go Rushing To His Mouth In Fear In That Instant Of Recognition That - Good God! - That Kid's Going To Hurt Himself. A God Who Could Be Surprised By Unanticipated Pride - Glory Be, That Boy Is A Climber!
— Richard Russo —

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