Airicka Phoenix Quotes: He Moved So Quick It Was As If I Blinked

He Moved, So Quick, It Was As If I Blinked And He Vanished From The Window And Reappeared In Front Of Me. I Jumped In Surprise, Hitting The Door With A Dull Thud. I May Have Breathed His Name, But I Couldn't Be Sure Of Anything Except His Swelling Scent And The Heat Wafting Off His Body. The Dreamy Sensation Pulsed In My Skull, Filling Me With An Airy Sensation That Sucked The Breath From My Lungs. The Current Washed Through Me, Carrying Away All Reasoning, All Doubts. It Was Just Me And Him And The Pounding Electricity Between Us.
"I-I Didn't Come For This." Yet, My Hands Reached For Him, Fisting In His Hair And Curling Around His Shoulder. "I Should ... Go ... " I Pulled Him To Me.
— Airicka Phoenix —

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