Nessie Q. Quotes: Slowly Then All At Once Slowly As I Take

Slowly, Then All At Once.
Slowly, As I Take My Time To Know The Things That Would Endear Me To You. Slowly, As I Attempt To Cultivate A Bond I Hope Would Never Easily Sever. Slowly, As I Get To Know All Your Demons, And Try To Decide If I'm Okay Living With Them Everyday. Slowly, I Also Unleash My Demons On You, Hoping They Won't Make Me Look Ugly, Wouldn't Make You Think Less Of Me.
Slowly, As I Let Myself Get Used To The Idea That You Can Be A Possible Permanent Fixture In My Life. Slowly, As I Tell The Difference Between What I Think I See, And What's Really There. Slowly, As I Find Myself Looking To You For Reassurance That Hey, I'm Alright. Slowly, As I Find My Thoughts Drifting Toward You When I See Or Hear Or Find Things That Remind Me Of You. Slowly, As I Catch Myself Dedicating To You All Of The Pieces That I've Been Writing.
— Nessie Q. —

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