Damien Echols Quotes: Morphic Field Thats What Its Called When

Morphic Field. That's What It's Called When A Certain Kind Of Energy Pattern Is Repeated Over And Over Until It Creates Something Like An Aura. This Prison, For Example. All Of The Hatred, Ignorance, Pain, Humiliation, And Greed Constantly Being Put Out By Everyone Here Has Created One Hell Of A Negative Morphic Field. The Thing About Morphic Fields Is That They Behave Like Magnets. Like Attracts Like. It Draws More Of The Same Energy To Itself, And It Touches Everyone Who Comes Here. The People Who Come To See Me Immediately Feel Disgust, Anger, And Repugnance For The Kind Of People They Have To Deal With Here. It Also Explains Why Every New Batch Of Guards Who Come To Work Here Are A Little More Brutal And Ignorant Than The Last. As The Morphic Field Grows Increasingly Worse, It Draws In The Kind Of People Who Resonate With It.
— Damien Echols —

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