John Jakes Quotes: Why Did People Ignore The Lessons Of

Why Did People Ignore The Lessons Of History And Their Own Senses, Deny A Law Of Life Immutable As The Seasons, And Erect Twisted Barriers Against It In Their Minds? He Didn't Know Why, But They Did. They Wept For The Goodness Of Half-imaginary Yesterdays, Yesterdays Beyond Altering, Instead Of Anticipating And Helping To Shape The Good Of Possible Tomorrows. They Found Things To Blame For The Flow Of Events They Wanted To Stop And Could Not. They Blamed God, Their Wives, Government, Books, Fanciful Combinations Of Unnamed Men
sometimes Even Voices In Their Own Heads. They Lived Tortured And Unhappy Lives, Trying To Dam Niagara With A Teacup.
— John Jakes —

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