Thomas Nagel Quotes: Are There Any Alternatives Well There Is

Are There Any Alternatives? Well, There Is The Hypothesis That This Universe Is Not Unique, But That All Possible Universes Exist, And We Find Ourselves, Not Surprisingly, In One That Contains Life. But That Is A Cop-out, Which Dispenses With The Attempt To Explain Anything. And Without The Hypothesis Of Multiple Universes, The Observation That If Life Hadn't Come Into Existence We Wouldn't Be Here Has No Significance. One Doesn't Show That Something Doesn't Require Explanation By Pointing Out That It Is A Condition Of One's Existence. If I Ask For An Explanation Of The Fact That The Air Pressure In The Transcontinental Jet Is Close To That At Sea Level, It Is No Answer To Point Out That If It Weren't, I'd Be Dead.
— Thomas Nagel —

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