Richard Llewellyn Quotes: Listen To Me Forget All You Saw Leave It

Listen To Me. Forget All You Saw. Leave It. Take Your Mind From It. It Has Nothing To Do With You. But Use It For Experience. Now You Know What Hurt It Brings To Women When Men Come Into The World. Remember, And Make It Up To Your Mama And To All Women ... And Another Thing Let It Do. There Is No Room For Pride In Any Man. There Is No Room For Unkindness. There Is Not Room For Wit At The Expense Of Others. All Men Are Born The Same, And Equal. As You Saw Today, So Come Captains And The Kings And The Tinkers And The Tailors. Let The Memory Direct Your Dealings With Men And Women. And Be Sure To Take Good Care Of Mama. Is It?
— Richard Llewellyn —

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