Alisha Basso Quotes: We Were Just Speaking To Your Friend

We Were Just Speaking To Your Friend Here About The Craft Of Brewing Potions To Enhance The Libido. It Seems He Has A Wealth Of Knowledge Regarding Plants And Herbs."I Lowered My Eyes To Him, My Head Swimming At The Only Part Of Her Greeting That I Actually Heard "You Mean You Can Brew Potions To Increase Sex Drive?"She Looked Confused. "Well Of Course! We Are Trying To Save Our People From Extinction, Which Means We Must Mate As Often As Possible. We Find The Task Can Become Arduous After Eight Or Nine Couplings. The Potions Are What Keep Us Going. Why, It's In The Bath We're Soaking In Now."I Thought I Was Having A Small Aneurism. "I Knew It!" I Shouted Stupidly. "I Thought I Was Losing My Mind!
— Alisha Basso —

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