Joe Navarro Quotes: We Lie With Our Faces Because Thats What

We Lie With Our Faces Because That's What We've Been Taught To Do Since Early Childhood. "Don't Make That Face," Our Parents Growl When We Honestly React To The Food Placed In Front Of Us. "At Least Look Happy When Your Cousins Stop By," They Instruct, And You Learn To Force A Smile. Our Parents-and Society-are, In Essence, Telling Us To Hide, Deceive, And Lie With Our Faces For The Sake Of Social Harmony. So It Is No Surprise That We Tend To Get Pretty Good At It, So Good, In Fact, That When We Put On A Happy Face At A Family Gathering, We Might Look As If We Love Our In-laws When, In Reality, We Are Fantasizing About How To Hasten Their Departure.
— Joe Navarro —

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