Nick Flynn Quotes: 2002 In Rome Month Upon Month I

(2002) In Rome, Month Upon Month, I Struggled With How To Structure The Book About My Father (He Already Had The Water, He Just Had To Discover Jars). At One Point I Laid Each Chapter Out On The Terrazzo Floor, Eighty-three In All, Arranged Them Like The Map Of An Imaginary City. Some Of The Piles Of Paper, I Imagined, Were Freestanding Buildings, Some Were Clustered Into Neighborhoods, And Some Were Open Space. On The Outskirts, Of Course, Were The Tenements
abandoned, Ramshackled. The Spaces Between The Piles Were The Roads, The Alleyways, The Footpaths, The Rivers. The Bridges To Other Neighborhoods, The Bridges Out ... In This Way I Could Get A Sense If One Could Find Their Way Through The Book, If The Map I Was Creating Made Sense, If It Was A Place One Would Want To Spend Some Time In. If One Could Wander There, If One Could Get Lost.
— Nick Flynn —

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