Lavie Tidhar Quotes: Joe Looked Out Of The Window Again He

Joe Looked Out Of The Window Again. He Had The Feeling That Outside The Window There Should Have Been Hover-cars, Men In Trilby Hats And Jet Packs, Spider-webs Of Passageways Spreading Out Of The Distant Tops Of The Towers. There Should Have Been Women In Silver Suits Taking In A Show At The Tri-vids Before Indulging In A Spot Of Lunch, The Kind That Came In Three-course Pills, Great Big Subservient Robots Trailing Behind Them. Instead There Was A Brown Man In Overalls Collecting Rubbish With A Long Stick Outside An Adult Cinema, And The Cars Were Halted, Bumper-to-bumper, Beside A Traffic Light That Seemed To Be Stuck Permanently On Red. There Was A Siren In The Distance. There Was The Sound Of Car Horns, A Door Slamming, Someone Cursing Loudly In American English.
— Lavie Tidhar —

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