Betty Friedan Quotes: We Have Gone On Too Long Blaming Or

We Have Gone On Too Long Blaming Or Pitying The Mothers Who Devour Their Children, Who Sow The Seeds Of Progressive Dehumanization, Because They Have Never Grown To Full Humanity Themselves. If The Mother Is At Fault, Why Isn't It Time To Break The Pattern By Urging All These Sleeping Beauties To Grow Up And Live Their Own Lives? There Never Will Be Enough Prince Charmings Or Enough Therapists To Break That Pattern Now. It Is Society's Job, And Finally That Of Each Woman Alone. For It Is Not The Strength Of The Mothers That Is At Fault But Their Weakness, Their Passive Childlike Dependency And Immaturity That Is Mistaken For "femininity." Our Society Forces Boys, Insofar As It Can, To Grow Up, To Endure The Pains Of Growth, To Educate Themselves To Work, To Move On. Why Aren't Girls Forced To Grow Up - To Achieve Somehow The Core Of Self That Will End The Unnecessary Dilemma, The Mistaken Choice Between Femaleness And Humanness That Is Implied In The Feminine Mystique?
— Betty Friedan —

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