Betty Friedan Quotes: What Friedan Gave To The World Was The

What Friedan Gave To The World Was, "the Problem That Has No Name." She Not Only Named It But Dissected It. The Advances Of Science, The Development Of Labor-saving Appliances, The Development Of The Suburbs: All Had Come Together To Offer Women In The 1950s A Life Their Mothers Had Scarcely Dreamed Of, Free From Rampant Disease, Onerous Drudgery, Noxious City Streets. But The Green Lawns And Big Corner Lots Were Isolating, The Housework Seemed To Expand To Fill The Time Available, And Polio And Smallpox Were Replaced By Depression And Alcoholism. All That Was Covered Up In A Kitchen Conspiracy Of Denial ...
[i]nstead The Problem Was With The Mystique Of Waxed Floors And Perfectly Applied Lipstick.
— Betty Friedan —

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