Shea Darian Quotes: I Began To See That Creating A Healthy

I Began To See That Creating A Healthy Family, In Which Members Develop The Ability For Mutual Respect And Caring, Is A Prerequisite For A More Peaceful World. For, It Is The Family That Creates The Social Fabric Of Our Culture, As Mahatma Gandhi So Poignantly Illustrated, When He Said:
If We Are To Teach Real Peace On This World ... We Shall Have To Begin With Children; And If They Will Grow Up In Their Own Innocence, We Won't Have To Struggle; We Won't Have To Pass Fruitless, Idle Resolutions, But We Shall Go From Love To Love And Peace To Peace, Until At Last All The Corners Of The World Are Covered With That Peace And Love For Which, Consciously Or Unconsciously, The Whole World Is Hungering
Sweeping Floors, Wiping Noses, Singing Children To Sleep ... Such Is The Work Of Peacemakers. Blessed Be The Peacemakers.
— Shea Darian —

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