Jim Elliot Quotes: May 2 Numbers 6 The Nazarite Was Holy In

May 2 Numbers 6 The Nazarite Was Holy In Three Negative Ways: (1) He Must Not Touch The Grape; (2) He Must Not Cut His Hair; (3) He Must Not Touch A Dead Body. Were I To Transopose Such Consecration Into New Testament Parallels I Suppose This Would Be The Setup:
1. Grapes
The Source Of Natural Joy
that Which Makes Glad The Heart Of Man. This Is Denying Oneself The Allowable Pleasures For The Sake Of A Greater Holiness.
2. The Long Hair Of Man Is His Shame. He Must Let It Grow So That He Becomes Unashamed Of Shame
reproach Bearing For God.
3. Seperation From Evil In All Their Doings
yea,even From Family Pulls (v.7).
I Know Little Of Any Of These.
— Jim Elliot —

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