Joshua Ferris Quotes: I Was Already At One Remove Before The

I Was Already At One Remove Before The Internet Came Along. I Need Another Remove? Now I Have To Spend The Time That I'm Not Doing The Thing They're Doing Reading About Them Doing It? Streaming The Clips Of Them Doing It, Commenting On How Lucky They Are To Be Doing All Those Things, Liking And Digging And Bookmarking And Posting And Tweeting All Those Things, And Feeling More Disconnected Than Ever? Where Does This Idea Of Greater Connection Come From? I've Never In My Life Felt More Disconnected. It's Like How The Rich Get Richer. The Connected Get More Connected While The Disconnected Get More Disconnected. No Thanks Man, I Can't Do It. The World Was A Sufficient Trial, Betsy, Before Facebook.
— Joshua Ferris —

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