Julie Anne Long Quotes: What Are Your Pleasures And Pursuits

What Are Your Pleasures And Pursuits, Lord Moncrieffe?" Miss Eversea Asked Too Brightly, When The Silence Had Gone On For More Than Was Strictly Comfortable Or Polite.
That Creaky Conversation Lubricant. It Irritated Him Again That She Was Humoring Him.
"Well, I'm Partial To Whores."
Her Head Whipped Toward Him Like A Weather-vane In A Hurricane. Her Eyes, He Noted, Were Enormous, And Such A Dark Blue They Were Nearly Purple. Her Mouth Dropped, And The Lower Lip Was Quivering With Shock Or ... Or ...
"Whor ... Whores ... ?" She Choked Out The Word As If She'd Just Inhaled It Like Bad Cigar Smoke.
He Widened His Own Eyes With Alarm, Recoiling Slightly.
"I ... I Beg Your Pardon - Horses. Honestly, Miss Eversea," He Stammered. "I Do Wonder What You Think Of Me If That's What You Heard.
— Julie Anne Long —

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