Junot Díaz Quotes: You Dont Know What Its Like To Grow Up

You Don't Know What It's Like To Grow Up With A Mother Who Never Said A Positive Thing In Her Life, Not About Her Children Or The World, Who Was Always Suspicious, Always Tearing You Down And Splitting Your Dreams Straight Down The Seams. When My First Pen Pal, Tomoko, Stopped Writing Me After Three Letters She Was The One Who Laughed: You Think Someone's Going To Lose Life Writing To You? Of Course I Cried; I Was Eight And I Had Already Planned That Tomoko And Her Family Would Adopt Me. My Mother Of Course Saw Clean Into The Marrow Of Those Dreams, And Laughed. I Wouldn't Write To You Either, She Said. She Was That Kind Of Mother: Who Makes You Doubt Yourself, Who Would Wipe You Out If You Let Her. But I'm Not Going To Pretend Either. For A Long Time I Let Her Say What She Wanted About Me, And What Was Worse, For A Long Time I Believed Her.
— Junot Díaz —

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