Habib Sadeghi Quotes: Our Pets Love Us Unconditionally Because

Our Pets Love Us Unconditionally. Because They Are Conscious But Not "self-conscious," It's Impossible For Them To Judge. They Do Not See Us Through The Warped Lens Of Our Self-perceptions. They See Us As Courageous Protectors And Loving Providers. They See In Us All The Qualities That Really Matter. What Difference Does It Make To Them If You Got Fired From Your Job? None. What Difference Does It Make To Them If You Gained 20 Lbs. Back From Your Last Diet? None. That's Because Our Pets Love And Accept Us At The Soul Level, In A Way That's Primal And Simple-just Like The Universe Itself. So, As Silly As It Might Seem, The Next Time You're Struggling With Accepting An Issue In Your Life, Ask Yourself: Will This Matter To My Dog? If Not, Then It Shouldn't Matter To You.
— Habib Sadeghi —

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