Rachel Morgan Quotes: This Is Incredible Ryn It Is But No He

-"This Is Incredible Ryn. It Is. But-"
-"No." He Turns Around. "No Buts. You Think I'm Going To Hurt You? You Think I'm Going To Get Bored And Run Off With Some Undergrounder The First Chance I Get? You Obviously Have No Idea How Amazing You Are. You, Violet Fairdale, Are Incredible, And I Want You. Every Part Of You. I Want Your Stubbornness And Your Sarcasm And Your Competitive Spirit. I Want You Challenging Me And Fighting Beside Me. I Want To Hold You And Kiss You And So Much More Because There's No One Else In The World Who Knows Me Like You Do. You Have Always Been The One For Me, Even When We Couldn't Stand Each Other. You're Beautiful And Hot And Sexy All At Once, And You're More Intelligent Than Any Girl I've Met. I Love The Fact That I've Known You All My Life. It Just Feels Right When You're Beside Me. It Feel Like I've Been Lost In The Desert For Years, And ... I've Finally Come Home.
— Rachel Morgan —

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