Tom Bissell Quotes: In The Emergency Of Growing Up We All

In The Emergency Of Growing Up, We All Need Heroes. But The Father I Grew Up With Was No Hero To Me, Not Then. He Was Too Wounded In The Head, Too Endlessly And Terribly Sad. Too Funny, Too Explosive, Too Confusing. Heroes Are Uncomplicated. *This* Makes Them Do *that* ... But The War Does Not Make Sense. War Senselessly Wounds Everyone Right Down The Line. A Body Bag Fits More Than Just Its Intended Corpse. Take The 58,000 American Soldiers Lost In Vietnam And Multiply By Four, Five, Six-and Only Then Does One Begin To Realize The Damage This War Has Done ... War When Necessary, Is Unspeakable. When Unnecessary, It Is Unforgivable. It Is Not An Occasion For Heroism. It Is An Occasion Only For Survival And Death. To Regard War In Any Other Way Only Guarantees Its Inevitable Reappearance.
— Tom Bissell —

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