Dawn Bonney Quotes: As She Felt His Fangs Against Her Neck

As She Felt His Fangs Against Her Neck, She Was In Another World.
There Was Screaming. A Woman Was Somewhere In Agony. Everything Was Black, And The Tormented Scream Was Overwhelming, Echoing Through The Emptiness. After The Screaming Subsided, There Was Panting, Loud And Steady, And It Wasn't As Dark Anymore. There Was A Room Visible Now, In A Reddish Light. A Pale Man With Black Hair Hovered Over A Woman Dressed In White. She Lay On A Bed, Looking Disheveled And Sweaty. Her Brown-black Hair Clung To Her Wet Forehead And Shoulders. She Was Covered In Blood. The Man Sat Next To Her, And Held Her Close To Him. He Stroked Her Hair As Her Chest Heaved Desperately.
"I Love You, My Dearest Katerina," He Said, Cradling Her In His Strong Arms. "Soon, We'll Be Together Forever." Everything Faded To Black Once More, And The Woman Stopped Breathing. All Was Silent And Still.
— Dawn Bonney —

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