Ken Grimwood Quotes: Jeff She Said Sobbing Im Scared I Dont

Jeff," She Said, Sobbing, "I'm Scared! I Don't Want To Die! Not ... Die Forever, And-"
He Hugged Her Tightly, Rocked Her In His Arms And Felt His Own Tears Trickle Down His Face. "Just Think Of How We've Lived. Think Of All We've Done, And Let's Try To Be Grateful For That."
"But We Could Have Done So Much More. We Could Have-"
"Hush," He Whispered. "We Did All We Could. More Than Either Of Us Ever Dreamed When We Were First Starting Out."
She Leaned Back, Searched His Eyes As If Seeing Them For The First Time, Or The Last. "I Know," She Sighed. "It's Just ... I Got So Used To The Endless Possibilities, The Time ... Never Being Bound By Our Mistakes, Always Knowing We Could Go Back And Change Things, Make Them Better. But We Didn't, Did We? We Only Made Things Different.
— Ken Grimwood —

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