Joel Fuhrman Quotes: A Study Published In The Proceedings Of

A Study Published In The Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Found That Restricting Calories By 30 Percent Significantly Increased Life Span In Monkeys.27 The Experimental Diet, While Still Providing Adequate Nourishment, Slowed Monkeys' Metabolism And Reduced Their Body Temperatures, Changes Similar To Those In The Long-lived Thin Mice. Decreased Levels Of Triglycerides And Increased HDL (the Good) Cholesterol Were Also Observed. Studies Over The Years, On Many Different Species Of Animals, Have Confirmed That Those Animals That Were Fed Less Lived Longest. In Fact, Allowing An Animal To Eat As Much Food As It Desires Can Reduce Its Life Span By As Much As One-half.
— Joel Fuhrman —

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