Melanie Kay Taylor Quotes: It Never Occurred To Me Before But I

It Never Occurred To Me Before, But I Always Thought Of Time Like It Was A Road, Or An Empty Plane. I Could See It And Mark It And Claim It As Mine, But The Reason I Couldn't Travel My Own Speed Was Because I Was Waiting On The Present To Catch Up, I Had To Wait To Get To My Destination.
But Really, There Is No Road, Or Flat Plane Or Anything ... There's Just This Very Dangerous Edge ... Cliff That We're Dangling Off Of, There Isn't A Future Really, I Mean Sure We Can Plan And Prepare, But Tomorrow May Not Come.
I'm Not Saying Base Your Life On That- If Tomorrow Does Come, What You Do Today Will Influence It!
But Anything Can Push You Off That Cliff.
So Start Living.
— Melanie Kay Taylor —

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