Stasi Eldredge Quotes: When God Creates Eve He Calls Her An

When God Creates Eve, He Calls Her An Ezer Kenegdo. 'It Is Not Good For The Man To Be Alone, I Shall Make Him [an Ezer Kenegdo]' (Gen. 2:18 Alter). Hebrew Scholar Robert Alter, Who Has Spent Years Translating The Book Of Genesis, Says That This Phrase Is 'notoriously Difficult To Translate.' The Various Attempts We Have In English Are "helper" Or "companion" Or The Notorious "help Meet." Why Are These Translations So Incredibly Wimpy, Boring, Flat ... Disappointing? What Is A Help Meet, Anyway? What Little Girl Dances Through The House Singing "One Day I Shall Be A Help Meet?" Companion? A Dog Can Be A Companion. Helper? Sounds Like Hamburger Helper. Alter Is Getting Close When He Translates It "sustainer Beside Him"
The Word Ezer Is Used Only Twenty Other Places In The Entire Old Testament. And In Every Other Instance The Person Being Described Is God Himself, When You Need Him To Come Through For You Desperately.
— Stasi Eldredge —

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