Donald Hall Quotes: It Is Sensible Of Me To Be Aware That I

IT IS SENSIBLE Of Me To Be Aware That I Will Die One Of These Days. I Will Not Pass Away. Every Day Millions Of People Pass Away-in Obituaries, Death Notices, Cards Of Consolation, E-mails To The Corpse's Friends-but People Don't Die. Sometimes They Rest In Peace, Quit This World, Go The Way Of All Flesh, Depart, Give Up The Ghost, Breathe A Last Breath, Join Their Dear Ones In Heaven, Meet Their Maker, Ascend To A Better Place, Succumb Surrounded By Family, Return To The Lord, Go Home, Cross Over, Or Leave This World. Whatever The Fatuous Phrase, Death Usually Happens Peacefully (asleep) Or After A Courageous Struggle (cancer). Sometimes Women Lose Their Husbands. (Where The Hell Did I Put Him?) Some Expressions Are Less Common In Print: Push Up The Daisies, Kick The Bucket, Croak, Buy The Farm, Cash Out. All Euphemisms Conceal How We Gasp And Choke Turning Blue.
— Donald Hall —

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