Hannah Fielding Quotes: As The Sun Began To Rise The Man Reached

As The Sun Began To Rise, The Man Reached Out To The Woman, And They Clasped Hands. He Cradled Her, And Languidly They Lifted Themselves Up To Their Feet, Their Bodies Brushing, Their Eyes Lost In Each Other's. Sensuously, Deliberately, They Danced, Moving As Though They Were One, Their Body Language Smooth As Their Limbs Carefully Unfolded. They Twirled And Rocked, Intertwined And Separated, Nearly Leaning Onto One Another But Barely Touching, Their Movements Sometimes Tender, Sometimes Almost Violent ... Moments Passed While The Dancers Held Tight To Each Other, As Though Their Bodies Were Melting Together. The Expression On Their Features As They Lifted Their Faces To The Sky Was One Of Unimaginable Joy.
— Hannah Fielding —

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