Hilary McKay Quotes: There Are All Sorts Of Families Toms

There Are All Sorts Of Families," Tom's Grandmother Had Remarked, And Over The Following Few Weeks Tom Became Part Of The Casson Family, As Micheal And Sarah And Derek-from-the-camp Had Done Before Him.
He Immediately Discovered That Being A Member Of The Family Was Very Different From Being A Welcome Friend. If You Were A Casson Family Member, For Example, And Eve Drifted In From The Shed Asking, "Food? Any Ideas? Or Shall We Not Bother?" Then You Either Joined In The Search Of The Kitchen Cupboards Or Counted The Money In The Housekeeping Jam Jar And Calculated How Many Pizzas You Could Afford. Also, If You Were A Family Member You Took Care Of Rose, Helped With Homework (Saffron And Sarah Were Very Strict About Homework), Unloaded The Washing Machine, Learned To Fold Up Sarah's Wheelchair, Hunted For Car Keys, And Kept Up The Hopeful Theory That In The Event Of A Crisis Bill Casson Would Disengage Himself From His Artistic Life In London And Rush Home To Help.
— Hilary McKay —

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