Hilary McKay Quotes: Suddenly Saffron Had A Picture In Her

Suddenly Saffron Had A Picture In Her Mind Of Sarah Waiting At The Bottom Of The Wall, And She Was Angry With Herself.
Something Changed In Saffron At That Moment. She Knew All About Feeling Left Out ... That Was Why She Wanted Her Angel So Badly; Proof That She Mattered As Much As Anyone Else.
"I Couldn't Really Climb The Wall," She Said. "And If I Could, What If I Got Caught? What Would I Say?"
"You'd Think Of Something."
"No. It Was A Stupid Idea. Let's Try Your Way, Early In The Morning."
"Before Breakfast?"
"Yes. All Right Mission Control?"
"All Right," Said Sarah. "All Right, Superhero.
— Hilary McKay —

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