Delaine Robins Quotes: The Most Successful Entrepreneur That

The Most Successful Entrepreneur That Every Lived (God) Was And Is Successful Because Jesus And The Holy Spirit Showed They Cared For Poor Lost Souls. They Were Willing Share Knowledge And Demonstrate How Things Should Be Done. Not One Successful Entrepreneur Has Every Done It Alone Or Has Not Had Help From Another. Teaching And Working Together Is Becoming A Lost Art. The Lack Of This May Seem Like Job Security For The Some, But It's Not. The One Who Does This Must Come To The Realization That His Security Is Threaten By The Desperate Fuel By His Own Selfishness. Even Inventors Have To Find Caring Distributors Who Get Their Products Out Before The Masses. Perseverance Is Just A Link In The Chain Of Success. 99% Of The Chain Is Sharing Knowledge And Showing That You Care. The Opposite Of This Is Fleeting Success. Success That Is Like A Vapor, Here One Moment And Gone The Next.
— Delaine Robins —

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