Ivan Goncharov Quotes: Although People Call Love A Capricious

Although People Call Love A Capricious And Unaccountable Emotion That Arises Like An Illness, Nonetheless It Has Its Own Laws And Reasons, Like Everything Else. If These Laws Have Been Little Studied So Far, That Is Because A Person Struck Down By Love Is In No Condition To Observe With A Scholar's Eye As The Impression Steals Into His Soul And Shackles His Emotions Like A Dream, As First His Eyes Go Blind, At Which Moment His Pulse And Then His Heart Begin Beating Harder, All Of A Sudden There Arises As Of Yesterday An Undying Devotion, The Desire To Sacrifice Oneself; One's I Gradually Vanishes And Crosses Over Into Him Or Her; The Mind Becomes Wither Unusually Dull Or Unusually Sharp; The Will Surrenders To The Will Of Another; And The Head Bows, The Knees Shake And The Tears And Fever Come.
— Ivan Goncharov —

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