Lisa Unger Quotes: How Many People Can You Claim Truly Care

How Many People Can You Claim Truly Care About You? I Mean, Not Just The People In Your Life Who Are Fun To Hang Out With, Not Just The People Who You Love And Trust. But People Who Feel Good When You Are Happy And Successful, Feel Bad When You Are Hurt Or Going Through A Hard Time, People Who Would Walk Away From Their Lives For A Little While To Help You With Yours. Not Many. I Felt That From Jake And I Wasn't Sure How To Handle It. Because There's Another Side To It, You Know. When Someone Is Invested In Your Well-being, Like Your Parents, For Example, You Become Responsible For Them In A Way. Anything You Do To Hurt Yourself Hurts Them. I Already Felt Responsible For Too Many People That Way. You're Not Really Free When People Care About You; Not If You Care About Them.
— Lisa Unger —

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