Cambria Hebert Quotes: You Better Not Be Ready To Pass Out I

You Better Not Be Ready To Pass Out," I Told Him. "You're Way Too Big For Me To Pick Up."
He Cocked His Head To The Side And Regarded Me. "And What Would You Do, Rimmel?" The Way He Said My Name Brushed Over Me Like A Fine Caress. "If I Passed Out Right Here?" He Bent At The Knees As He Spoke So He Could Get Closer To My Eye Level. I Saw The Playfulness In His Depths. I Knew He Was Probably Drunk And Wouldn't Remember This Tomorrow. I Told Myself Beer Made People Do Crazy Things.
I Lifted My Chin And Returned His Gaze. "Well," I Said, Wetting My Lips With The Tip Of My Tongue. "I'd Just Have To Run Over You On My Way Out."
The Whites Of His Eyes Grew Bigger When They Widened In Surprise. Then He Threw Back His Head And Laughed.
- Rimmel & Romeo
— Cambria Hebert —

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