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Yannis Karatsioris Quotes

Then again, in some of our meetings, the Upyri bring cocktails, shaking both cocks and tails. Bitches. You cant live with them, they cant live without you. Its a lose-lose situation.
— Yannis Karatsioris —

Just so ya know, mate, superpowers come at a cost."
"What superpowers are you-"
"Oi, listen. D'ya know Pinocchio? The wooden lad. Yeah, his superpower was ta lie ta everyone about anythin' he saw fit. An' I think 'tis cool if y'ask me. But it had a cost, it did. His nose grew longer with every lie. Ha! Ya see?"
"No, I don't."
"We're reality's lies mate. An' there's a cost ta'r existence."
-Robert Cassidy, on people with paranormal abilities.

— Yannis Karatsioris

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