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Ayize Jama-Everett Quotes

I didnt just feel it; I recorded each and every sensation. I can replicate each one. I will. Ill play it back plus ten for the pastardthat caused my love to fall. And before they go down, Ill wet the concrete with their brain mattter. Ill explode their marrow out of their bones and make a mess of their capillaries. Ill make a paste of their eyes, Yasmine, I promise. Ill make them bleed from their ears and turn their digestive system against them. Theyll digest their own organs. Ill increase their pain receptors so that their clothes feel like sandpaper. Ill make their own breath soun d like a DC-10 is landing in their chest. Ill fill their longs with every excessive fluid in their body I can find. Ill make a decomposing mess of them, I swear I will. Theyll pray to gods they dont belive in for the pain to end before I explode each taste bud in their mough and inflame their genitals with the stray parasites they immune system usually fights off.
— Ayize Jama-Everett —

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