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Updated famous quotes and sayings from famous authors.

Vittorio Emanuele Orlando Quotes

Vittorio Emanuele Orlando

Oratory is just like prostitution: you must have little tricks. — Vittorio Emanuele Orlando

Thomas E. Sanders Quotes

Thomas E. Sanders

Composure, a level head, a knowledge of what you want done, and why you want it done and faith in your own ability — Thomas E. Sanders

Taras Shevchenko Quotes

Taras Shevchenko

All has gone to rest, and I dont know whether Im alive or will live or whether Im rushing like this through the — Taras Shevchenko

Stephen Singular Quotes

Stephen Singular

You cant really protect women or men from their choices, so let them have their own lives and trust the process. — Stephen Singular

Sophia Bennett Quotes

Sophia Bennett

I think Im supposed to "take a sad song and make it better," but thats beyond my musical ability — Sophia Bennett

Skip Prosser Quotes

Skip Prosser

The gym is the best place youll ever be. — Skip Prosser

Shannon Wiersbitzky Quotes

Shannon Wiersbitzky

As babies were born blank sheets of paper. Not a single mark. As we grow older, lines form, then colors and patterns. Before — Shannon Wiersbitzky

S.D. Skye Quotes

S.D. Skye

He offered me a ride up from the abyss and I took it. But a ride with the devil is never free. And — S.D. Skye

Ronan Farrow Quotes

Ronan Farrow

Its incumbent on good public servants to maintain their voices and originality of thinking. — Ronan Farrow

Robert Pollin Quotes

Robert Pollin

The profits of oil, coal, and natural gas companies will have to yield to the imperative of sustaining life on earth. — Robert Pollin

Ray Rhamey Quotes

Ray Rhamey

The effect your readers want is for what they read to trigger in them the sights and sounds and smells of whats happening — Ray Rhamey

Rameet Chawla Quotes

Rameet Chawla

I operate my life like a startup. I learn a little bit and I test something else out and I keep iterating and — Rameet Chawla

Ralph George Hawtrey Quotes

Ralph George Hawtrey

Banks lend by creating credit. They create the means of payment out of nothing. — Ralph George Hawtrey

Pierre Boutroux Quotes

Pierre Boutroux

Logic is invincible, because in order to combat logic it is necessary to use logic. — Pierre Boutroux

Peter Landesman Quotes

Peter Landesman

Salvador Dali, lying on his deathbed in a stupor, is said to have been fed thousands of sheets of blank paper to sign — Peter Landesman

Ollanta Humala Quotes

Ollanta Humala

The international community faces ever growing phenomena that transcend borders. I am specifically referring to terrorism, transnational organized crime, the global drug problem, — Ollanta Humala

Nicolas Poussin Quotes

Nicolas Poussin

Color in painting lures the eyes as verses do in poetry. — Nicolas Poussin

Niccolo Paganini Quotes

Niccolo Paganini

I am not handsome, but when women hear me play, they come crawling to my feet. — Niccolo Paganini

Mary Hogan Quotes

Mary Hogan

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live " "Right here " Enzo replies. "In your arms. — Mary Hogan

Marilyn Yalom Quotes

Marilyn Yalom

We live in a society where we dont want to commit to another person for life. We do at the moment that we — Marilyn Yalom

Luchino Visconti Quotes

Luchino Visconti

The prince in The Leopard was a very complex character - at times autocratic, rude, strong - at times romantic, good, understanding - — Luchino Visconti

Leigh Montville Quotes

Leigh Montville

If the clicker became useless in grown mens hands, no games to watch, no highlights shown, ESPN left with only test patterns and — Leigh Montville

Keith Devlin Quotes

Keith Devlin

I certainly do care about measuring educational results. But what is an educational result? The twinkling eyes of my students, together with their — Keith Devlin

Kaitlin Olson Quotes

Kaitlin Olson

Being mean just for being means sake isnt funny. — Kaitlin Olson

Julie Davis Quotes

Julie Davis

A true chocolate lover finds ways to accommodate his passion and make it work with his lifestyle. One key, not just to keeping — Julie Davis

Josee D'Amore Quotes

Josee D'Amore

Forgiveness is a gift to the one who is hurting. — Josee D'Amore

John Steiner Quotes

John Steiner

There is no god but Road Runner and Chuck Jones is his prophet. — John Steiner

John Oliver Killens Quotes

John Oliver Killens

What a tiresome place America would be if freedom meant we all had to think alike or be the same color or wear — John Oliver Killens

Jean-Louis Gassee Quotes

Jean-Louis Gassee

On the Intel platform, Microsoft is the defacto standard. Its the weather. — Jean-Louis Gassee

J. Bowyer Bell Quotes

J. Bowyer Bell

If you want an open society, you have to put up with the chaos. — J. Bowyer Bell

Inas Chahboun Quotes

Inas Chahboun

Sometimes you need to look at life from a different perspective. — Inas Chahboun

Harriet Miers Quotes

Harriet Miers

I write to withdraw as a nominee to serve as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States ... I — Harriet Miers

Harold Eugene Edgerton Quotes

Harold Eugene Edgerton

In many ways, unexpected results are what have most inspired my photography. — Harold Eugene Edgerton

Gregg Braden Quotes

Gregg Braden

The power of our beliefs can work in either direction to become life affirming or life denying. — Gregg Braden

Grace Aguilar Quotes

Grace Aguilar

Oh, that in religion, as in everything else, man would judge his brother man by his own heart; and as dear, as precious — Grace Aguilar

Gary Jobson Quotes

Gary Jobson

Let Beth Leonard inspire you to sail around the world, explore the high latitudes, or discover your own capacity for adventure. Each nugget — Gary Jobson

Frederick William Robertson Quotes

Frederick William Robertson

The charm of the words of great men, those grand sayings which are recognized as true as soon as heard, is this, that — Frederick William Robertson

Frederick M. Vinson Quotes

Frederick M. Vinson

There is a vast difference - a constitutional difference-between restrictions imposed by the state which prohibit the intellectual commingling of students, and the — Frederick M. Vinson


Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz

Im one of the few dumb Jewish doctors. — Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz

Corinne Meier Quotes

Corinne Meier

In passion we trust, for passion finds infinity and says that is how many ways I can exist. — Corinne Meier

Clement Mok Quotes

Clement Mok

Its not rocket science. Its social science. — Clement Mok

Clara Kramer Quotes

Clara Kramer

There are people who are simply gifts to everyone they meet. — Clara Kramer

Charles Segars Quotes

Charles Segars

The rapidly evolving global economy demands a dynamic and creative workforce. The arts and its related businesses are responsible for billions of dollars — Charles Segars

Big L Quotes

Big L

Im so ahead of my time my parents havent met yet — Big L

B.B. Shepherd Quotes

B.B. Shepherd

We all make assumptions every day. Some more important than others. Some more damaging than others. And things, very often, are not at — B.B. Shepherd

Andrew McAleer Quotes

Andrew McAleer

Your passion for words & sentence structure should equal a painters passion for color & brushstroke. — Andrew McAleer

Alycia Debnam Carey Quotes

Alycia Debnam Carey

I think the toughest thing for me to figure out, as an actor, was how to translate all those layers that are in — Alycia Debnam Carey

Alex Cox Quotes

Alex Cox

Unfortunately my career began in Hollywood, doing a negative pickup for Universal pictures. — Alex Cox

Aitzaz Ahsan Quotes

Aitzaz Ahsan

I dont think the ongoing negotiations with the Taliban will yield a positive result — Aitzaz Ahsan

Vladimir Nabokov Quotes

Vladimir Nabokov

[S]urely the Cupid serving him was lefthanded, with a weak chin and no imagination. — Vladimir Nabokov