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Updated famous quotes and sayings from famous authors.

Williston Fish Quotes

Williston Fish

To lovers, I devise their imaginary world, with whatever they may need, as the stars of the sky, the red, red roses by — Williston Fish

Toru Iwatani Quotes

Toru Iwatani

I had no special training at all; I am completely self taught. I dont fit the mold of a visual arts designer or — Toru Iwatani

Tim Regan Quotes

Tim Regan


Thomas Shepard Quotes

Thomas Shepard

In regard of the rich grace and wisdom of his love toward his people; for who sees not, but that it is a — Thomas Shepard

Tea Obreht Quotes

Tea Obreht

Being taken seriously, for a young writer, is a wonderful form of encouragement, but at the same time, I dont think one should — Tea Obreht

T-Pain Quotes


I dont do the whole, Put my name on it, make me famous thing. — T-Pain

Sue Gunter Quotes

Sue Gunter

Empower the people around you, from the janitor to the athletic director. You do that by being sincere, caring about others, and then — Sue Gunter

Steve Buyer Quotes

Steve Buyer

Our nation has kept faith with its veterans. Funding for veterans healthcare and benefits is strong, and has increased more than 75 percent — Steve Buyer

Sharon Lawrence Quotes

Sharon Lawrence

Women remain dramatically under-represented as characters in film when compared to their representation in the U.S. population. — Sharon Lawrence

Semanyenzi Richard Quotes

Semanyenzi Richard

If we do not find Anything very pleasent,At least we stall find Something New. — Semanyenzi Richard

Rah_U Quotes


Facing consequences for something done without knowing it, try to overcome or just get rid of it. — Rah_U

Michael Nyman Quotes

Michael Nyman

I feel absolutely no threat or fear in Mexico City. — Michael Nyman

Michael Douglas Quotes

Michael Douglas

Never knew how poor I was until I started making money. — Michael Douglas

Mark Marissen Quotes

Mark Marissen

Part of the reality is its a much longer campaign, but everybody is faced with the same campaign limits as if it was — Mark Marissen

Marie Josephine De Suin Quotes

Marie Josephine De Suin

Boredom is the fear of self. — Marie Josephine De Suin

Legh Richmond Quotes

Legh Richmond

Engage in no pursuit in which you cannot look up unto God, and say, Bless me in this, my Father! — Legh Richmond

Larry Harvey Quotes

Larry Harvey

Artists deserve to make a living — Larry Harvey

Jonathan Ke Quan Quotes

Jonathan Ke Quan

The only thing I didnt like as a kid was I was required to do a minimum of 3 hours of schoolwork every — Jonathan Ke Quan

John Onyango Agumba Quotes

John Onyango Agumba

It is not only impolitic and injudicious to even attempt to think ouside a box with a linearly skewed, acutely constrained and partial — John Onyango Agumba

John Burnside Quotes

John Burnside

The Asylum Dance was written after Id moved back to Scotland and was a response to moving to my old home area of — John Burnside

Joe Casey Quotes

Joe Casey

If you want to play a cool punk club, thats great - but punk clubs dont have any toilet seats. After a while, — Joe Casey

Jim Dine Quotes

Jim Dine

More important than having a romance with the object that Im drawing, is to have a romance with the mark that I am — Jim Dine

Jennifer Brown Quotes

Jennifer Brown

It seemed like way too much work, cleaning up my grief. — Jennifer Brown

Jeffrey Hunter Quotes

Jeffrey Hunter

I was warned not to do it. Actors who play Jesus are supposed to have a hard time getting other roles to follow, — Jeffrey Hunter

Jay Harrington Quotes

Jay Harrington

I would love to have the opportunity to do a play. — Jay Harrington

James A. Murphy Quotes

James A. Murphy

Some will and some wont, some do and some dont. If you wont and you dont, then you have no one else to — James A. Murphy

Iyad Allawi Quotes

Iyad Allawi

Saddam Husseins trial would not be public since he could name countries and persons whom he gave money. — Iyad Allawi

Ishe Smith Quotes

Ishe Smith

When you have a dream, its going to be a lot of "I cant" people. You need to be the driving force to — Ishe Smith

Hod Lipson Quotes

Hod Lipson

If you gave kids peas that didnt look like peas and said they were a space shuttle, theyre much more apt to eat — Hod Lipson

Hilary Rosen Quotes

Hilary Rosen

Unauthorized use of these MP3 files is really creating a problem for artists in the music community. — Hilary Rosen

Grady Booch Quotes

Grady Booch

The amateur software engineer is always in search of magic. — Grady Booch

George Mackay Brown Quotes

George Mackay Brown

Without the story - in which everyone living, unborn and dead, participates - men are no more than bits of paper blown on — George Mackay Brown

Francesco Cossiga Quotes

Francesco Cossiga

The Holy Father has acted as the Vicar of Christ and acted like Christ himself, who never refused to talk to anyone. — Francesco Cossiga

Fran Kranz Quotes

Fran Kranz

Its a rare thing when you read a role and have this immediate ownership over it, you have this take and this connection, — Fran Kranz

Elizabeth Hurley Quotes

Elizabeth Hurley

Its definitely part of my job description not to be too fat. — Elizabeth Hurley

Don Was Quotes

Don Was

I did drop out of school. — Don Was

Deborah Brodie Quotes

Deborah Brodie

What the world neglects, the Lord accepts. — Deborah Brodie

David Moffett Quotes

David Moffett

We are only constrained by the boundaries of our imagination — David Moffett

David Batchelor Quotes

David Batchelor

The materials I use are absolutely essential to the work I make. — David Batchelor

Dave Meurer Quotes

Dave Meurer

A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. — Dave Meurer

Conor McPherson Quotes

Conor McPherson

If I wasnt plagued by needing to write things, that would perhaps be a blessing. — Conor McPherson

Clint Howard Quotes

Clint Howard

I consider myself as a character actor. I like the sports analogy, which I do all the time; Im an avid sports guy. — Clint Howard

Clayton Cramer Quotes

Clayton Cramer

No matter what other nations may say about the United States, immigration is still the sincerest form of flattery. — Clayton Cramer

Christopher Monckton Quotes

Christopher Monckton

Ive never gone around bashing homosexuals, and I am not homophobic. — Christopher Monckton

Chester Middlebrook Pierce Quotes

Chester Middlebrook Pierce

Every child in America who enters school at the age of five is mentally ill, because he comes to school with an allegiance — Chester Middlebrook Pierce

Carlos Boozer Quotes

Carlos Boozer

Too strong for that Bron Bron. — Carlos Boozer

Anurag Bhatt Quotes

Anurag Bhatt

Time changes from sleep in moments to sleep of moments — Anurag Bhatt

Alfred E. Smith Quotes

Alfred E. Smith

It is a confession of the weakness of our own faith in the righteousness of our cause when we attempt to suppress by — Alfred E. Smith

A. Dragonblood Quotes

A. Dragonblood

There is No Pleasure without Pain — A. Dragonblood

William H. Gray III Quotes

William H. Gray III

Nothing is more powerful and liberating than knowledge. — William H. Gray III