Famous Authors

Updated famous quotes and sayings from famous authors.

Y.S. Lee Quotes

Y.S. Lee

Mr. Ching claims the superiority of Chinese hand-and-foot fighting, and promises ocular proof of such. — Y.S. Lee

William Wardell Quotes

William Wardell

If even one new drug of the stature of penicillin or digitalis has been unjustifiably banished to a companys back shelf because of — William Wardell

William Crawford Williamson Quotes

William Crawford Williamson

One of the grandest figures that ever frequented Eastern Yorkshire was William Smith, the distinguished Father of English Geology. My boyish reminiscence of — William Crawford Williamson

Todd Tiahrt Quotes

Todd Tiahrt

As Members of Congress, we swear an oath to uphold the United States Constitution. It means something to be an American because we — Todd Tiahrt

Sy Montgomery Quotes

Sy Montgomery

Octopus can fish for prey while deciding what color and pattern to turn, what shape to make their bodies, be on alert for — Sy Montgomery

Stephanie Witter Quotes

Stephanie Witter

At this very moment with my girl in my arms, I feel like theres nothing I cant do for her, for us. — — Stephanie Witter

Roy Ayers Quotes

Roy Ayers

Only a certain number of people go to a store over the period of a year. When a person sees my record on — Roy Ayers

Robert Dilts Quotes

Robert Dilts

Flexibility comes from having multiple choices; wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives. — Robert Dilts

Robert D. Kaplan Quotes

Robert D. Kaplan

What Americans cant face is that one of the reasons that the Russians and the Chinese were so impressed with us during the — Robert D. Kaplan

Rene Girard Quotes

Rene Girard

2. "Mimetic doubles" refers to the situation in which rivals become so obsessed with each other that they mirror each others emotions and — Rene Girard

Randi Black Quotes

Randi Black

Im not a religious man, but I do worship your ass. — Randi Black

Raheem Devaughn Quotes

Raheem Devaughn

Most important are the lessons of being humble, being a giver, and generally being a loving and caring person for people. That is — Raheem Devaughn

Pierre Balmain Quotes

Pierre Balmain

Dressmaking is the architecture of movement — Pierre Balmain

Lyndon Harrison, Baron Harrison Quotes

Lyndon Harrison, Baron Harrison

Killing for pleasure is wrong and should be banned. Fox hunting, stag hunting and hare coursing are moral issues. It is time that — Lyndon Harrison, Baron Harrison

Laura Nowlin Quotes

Laura Nowlin

Ive loved him my whole life, and somewhere along the way, that love didnt change but grew. It grew to fill the parts — Laura Nowlin

Judith Stone Quotes

Judith Stone

In New York City, one suicide in ten is attributed to a lack of storage space. — Judith Stone

John Schlesinger Quotes

John Schlesinger

Yes, but I think if you look at it with a sort of gay sensibility and want everything to be positive about gay — John Schlesinger

John McKinley Quotes

John McKinley

What people want is a seamless Web experience. — John McKinley

Johannes Scotus Eriugena Quotes

Johannes Scotus Eriugena

Observe the forms and beauties of sensible things and comprehend the Word of God in them. If you do so, the truth will — Johannes Scotus Eriugena

Jim Krusoe Quotes

Jim Krusoe

Its all risk. And if it isnt, it needs to be. The real trick is to find the risk that is right for — Jim Krusoe

Jesse Metcalfe Quotes

Jesse Metcalfe

Having a profile means you have to be cautious of who you let into your world, as you dont know if theyre being — Jesse Metcalfe

Jeremy Young Quotes

Jeremy Young

Poetry is best written with the growl and the gut. The heart and the head should be the realm to the reader. — Jeremy Young

Henri Cole Quotes

Henri Cole

In truth, Im still slightly embarrassed to say, I am a poet. Id rather say, I make poems. — Henri Cole

Guido Westerwelle Quotes

Guido Westerwelle

Military missions cannot be a normal tool of politics, but instead must remain the great exception. — Guido Westerwelle

Gia Carangi Quotes

Gia Carangi

Life and death, energy and peace. If I stop today it was still worth it. Even the terrible mistakes that I made and — Gia Carangi

George Lindsey Quotes

George Lindsey

Its good to be funny when you are a comedian. — George Lindsey

Fritz Stern Quotes

Fritz Stern

[T]he historian must serve two masters, the past and the present. — Fritz Stern

Frantz Fanon Quotes

Frantz Fanon

The oppressed will always believe the worst about themselves. — Frantz Fanon

Feather Stone Quotes

Feather Stone

Change your thinking, change your life. — Feather Stone

Euginia Herlihy Quotes

Euginia Herlihy

A great mentor is full of understanding, trust, respect and willing to help his/her mentees to reach the right direction in life. — Euginia Herlihy

Elizabeth Knox Quotes

Elizabeth Knox

Itll turn out you mean love, Sholto said. At the moment math is the only thing that excites you so youre nosing around — Elizabeth Knox

Elizabeth Chandler Quotes

Elizabeth Chandler

Its been my experience," he continued, "that when youre with the right people, you feel more like yourself than ever. Theres a happiness, — Elizabeth Chandler

Derek Kidner Quotes

Derek Kidner

You have to be godly to be wise ... — Derek Kidner

David Walliams Quotes

David Walliams

Its important when youre married not to forget those things you used to do when you were trying to get her to marry — David Walliams

Daniel Grigori Quotes

Daniel Grigori

The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment -daniel grigori (fallen) — Daniel Grigori

Christopher Hopper Quotes

Christopher Hopper

He who lives for nothing costs the lives of many, but he who lives for something greater than himself preserves those he loves. — Christopher Hopper

Buddy Ebsen Quotes

Buddy Ebsen

Dont say giddy-up to your mouth before your head is hitched up. — Buddy Ebsen

Bruce Coslet Quotes

Bruce Coslet

We cant run. We cant pass. We cant stop the run. We cant stop the pass. We cant kick. Other than that, were — Bruce Coslet

Brian Skrudland Quotes

Brian Skrudland

Were right next to Mile High Stadium. Im no rocket scientist, but ... uh ... (smile). — Brian Skrudland

Brian Krause Quotes

Brian Krause

When I was a kid, I used to be afraid of the dark. I would stand at my door, turn the light off — Brian Krause

Brenda Jones Quotes

Brenda Jones

Cancer is such a frightening and emotional roller coaster. Its a ride we all want to get off! My best advice is, find — Brenda Jones

Bidzina Ivanishvili Quotes

Bidzina Ivanishvili

Restoration of friendship with Russia, our biggest neighbor, is necessary for our peace and economy. — Bidzina Ivanishvili

Arun Sarin Quotes

Arun Sarin

We do not believe that you can be half responsible or pick and choose the convenient areas to be responsible in — Arun Sarin

Angie Brown Quotes

Angie Brown

Overall I think the show went well, kudos to Miss Jeanie It was well rounded. From artwork to singing, to spoken word to — Angie Brown

Andy Gray Quotes

Andy Gray

Anyone who takes drugs should be hammered. — Andy Gray

Andrea Navedo Quotes

Andrea Navedo

My life would be a reflection of my childhood, but it isnt; it is a reflection of the dreams that I had as — Andrea Navedo

Alvin Plantinga Quotes

Alvin Plantinga

But lack of evidence, if indeed evidence is lacking, is no grounds for atheism. No one thinks there is good evidence for the — Alvin Plantinga

Alcee Hastings Quotes

Alcee Hastings

Given the fact that most religions share basic values, it is most unfortunate that religious people can be played off against each other — Alcee Hastings

Agnes Of Rome Quotes

Agnes Of Rome

Christ has made my soul beautiful with the jewels of grace and virtue. I belong to Him Whom the Angels serve. — Agnes Of Rome

William Kennedy Quotes

William Kennedy

Its quite uncanny what one sets in motion by being oneself. — William Kennedy