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Updated famous quotes and sayings from famous authors.

Tom Moon Quotes

Tom Moon

The more you love music, the more music you love. — Tom Moon

Samantha Ronson Quotes

Samantha Ronson

Miss Piggy and Chicken Little may rest easy, but gay people in Florida and California can no longer get married. — Samantha Ronson

Rowena Portch Quotes

Rowena Portch

See yourself as who you want to be, not who you think you are. — Rowena Portch

Roger McGough Quotes

Roger McGough

Yes, you can feel very alone as a poet and you sometimes think, is it worth it? Is it worth carrying on? But — Roger McGough

Robin Skelton Quotes

Robin Skelton

I have no history but the length of my bones. — Robin Skelton

Robert Recorde Quotes

Robert Recorde

First, you must know what the thing is, and then after learn the use of the same. — Robert Recorde

Robert Dowling Quotes

Robert Dowling

I would rather fail as an artist than succeed as anything else. — Robert Dowling

Ramsey Campbell Quotes

Ramsey Campbell

Leaves that rustled, twigs that scraped and rattled. But the thin shapes werent falling, they were scurrying head first down the tree-trunks at — Ramsey Campbell

Rachel Friedman Quotes

Rachel Friedman

Even with the coffee, Im never fully awake, just jittery. — Rachel Friedman

Prosper Jolyot De Crebillon Quotes

Prosper Jolyot De Crebillon

Fear made the gods; audacity has made kings. [Fr., La crainte fit les dieux; laudace a fait les rois.] — Prosper Jolyot De Crebillon

Philip French Quotes

Philip French

There is a perversion, much practised in Hollywood movies, that might be called sado-paternalism, whereby a surrogate father treats a gifted but difficult — Philip French

Peter Wadhams Quotes

Peter Wadhams

In the end, it will just melt away quite suddenly. It might not be as early as 2013 but it will be soon, — Peter Wadhams

Peter Coveney Quotes

Peter Coveney

It is unmatched in its ability to think, to communicate, and to reason. Most striking of all, it has a unique awareness of — Peter Coveney

Nicholas Roerich Quotes

Nicholas Roerich

Where there is Peace, there is Culture; Where there is Culture, there is Peace. — Nicholas Roerich

Moto Hagio Quotes

Moto Hagio

Meeting someone is Gods doing, but parting is what humans do themselves. — Moto Hagio

Milton Friedman Quotes

Milton Friedman

The great virtue of a free market is that it enables people who hate each other, or who are from vastly different religious — Milton Friedman

Max Weinberg Quotes

Max Weinberg

Theres a certain groove you pick that makes the music flow, and when you have it its in your pocket. Its the feeling — Max Weinberg

Matthew S. Williams Quotes

Matthew S. Williams

Conspiracies are subtle and underhanded. Agendas are obvious and in everyones face! — Matthew S. Williams

Marcel Breuer Quotes

Marcel Breuer

I am as much interested in the smallest detail as in the whole structure. — Marcel Breuer

Malina Suliman Quotes

Malina Suliman

If I start talking about my own hopes, itll take hours. The biggest hope is that theres not any more discrimination between men — Malina Suliman

Luis Polonia Quotes

Luis Polonia

The Yankees are only interested in one thing, and I have no idea what that is. — Luis Polonia

Krista Allen Quotes

Krista Allen

Men are amazing. I love the way they are. Theyre consistently little boys, and they need to be nurtured and loved. But at — Krista Allen

Kit Fine Quotes

Kit Fine

Philosophy is the strangest of subjects: it aims at rigour and yet is unable to establish any results; it attempts to deal with — Kit Fine

Kelly Rosati Quotes

Kelly Rosati

If every Christian family in the United States would simply commit to pray and ask God if HE wants to use them to — Kelly Rosati

Joseph Monninger Quotes

Joseph Monninger

I am almost certain fishermen posess a peculiar bend to their makeup. Fisherman are optimists, and the fish in the future is always — Joseph Monninger

John Walter Bratton Quotes

John Walter Bratton

May you always be each others best friend, May your mutual love continue to be so May your successful marriage continue to thrive — John Walter Bratton

John Sinclair Quotes

John Sinclair

Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo. — John Sinclair

Johann Georg Zimmermann Quotes

Johann Georg Zimmermann

Comedians are not usually actors, but imitations of actors. — Johann Georg Zimmermann

Joel Spolsky Quotes

Joel Spolsky

Usability, fundamentally, is a matter of bringing a bit of human rights into the world of computer-human interaction. Its a way to let — Joel Spolsky

Jessica Lave Quotes

Jessica Lave

Good or bad, words have an impact on each of us. As a writer, I can only hope that the effects my words — Jessica Lave

Jeffrey Toobin Quotes

Jeffrey Toobin

When Obama took office, Republican appointees controlled ten of the thirteen circuit courts of appeals; Democratic appointees now constitute a majority in nine — Jeffrey Toobin

Jean Shrimpton Quotes

Jean Shrimpton

I never liked being photographed. I just happened to be good at it, — Jean Shrimpton

Jay Park Quotes

Jay Park

Australia! I wanna see some saltwater crocodiles! — Jay Park

Hui-bin Jang Quotes

Hui-bin Jang

Whether you get hurt by weapons or feelings, it hurts when you get shot in the heart. — Hui-bin Jang

Herbert York Quotes

Herbert York

To most ... of us, Russia was as mysterious and remote as the other side of the moon and not much more productive — Herbert York

Eric Mabius Quotes

Eric Mabius

I can tell womens confidence levels rise when they wear heels. — Eric Mabius

David D. Glass Quotes

David D. Glass

Dont ever miss a day without improving something personally. — David D. Glass

Claire Holt Quotes

Claire Holt

Its nice to be able to directly speak to fans and thank them for their support. The only time that it can get — Claire Holt

Christy Moore Quotes

Christy Moore

Forty years ago, my life in music was substantially different to today. I went out every night with my guitar seeking a place — Christy Moore

Chres May Quotes

Chres May

Let your imagination spread, until you are satisfied, like I am. — Chres May

Brian Sabean Quotes

Brian Sabean

I think his development has been lightning quick because of his God-given talent. He has great aptitude and hes been able to develop — Brian Sabean

Billy Marshall-Stoneking Quotes

Billy Marshall-Stoneking

If you would know this country, you must know its stories. — Billy Marshall-Stoneking

Billie Holiday Quotes

Billie Holiday

Lust may be in the heart, though it be not seen by others; as guests may be in the house, though they look — Billie Holiday

Bernard Edwards Quotes

Bernard Edwards

Yknow, smile, dance, get crazy ... we sure do while were making it, because music is our leeezshure; its my fun. — Bernard Edwards

Bahterawan Quotes


I treat each project not as a threat but with respect ... — Bahterawan

Arthur Dean Quotes

Arthur Dean

A Soviet diplomat, like a skilled chess player, does not expect his opposite number to give up something for nothing, not even a — Arthur Dean

Anne Boyd Quotes

Anne Boyd

In our romantic groves I adored her like a divinity. — Anne Boyd

Alex Hammond Quotes

Alex Hammond

People outside the documentary world dont realize how time-consuming making a documentary film is there is a lot of responsibility, and in order — Alex Hammond

Alex Dow Quotes

Alex Dow

Time and happenings and the grace of God are the best solvers of puzzles. One must leave much to these, if he is — Alex Dow

Abhishek Bhatt Quotes

Abhishek Bhatt

No one can know you better than two peoples in the world. 1- Yourself 2- Your Mirror — Abhishek Bhatt